Kick off meeting in Sweden

Kick off meeting in Sweden

The 1st international meeting was organized by the project coordinator Eu Diaspora Council during the 1 month of the project activities. During the meeting, the following points were scheduled in the agenda:

1. Identified tools were prepared and shared within the partnership in order to have a common tool that incorporates goals, strategies and methods. a folder drive was set up.

2. The punctual planning of the activities of Interviews face to face and questionnaires on line, structuring the form of interview and questionnaire meeting.

3. Definition of the first steps for the implementation of the “Brochure youth worker against radicalization”

4. A focus on migration, integration and analysis of Swedish English and Finnish radicalization prevention systems

5. The definition of the dissemination plan describing in details the actions each partner will carry out to assure project dissemination and exploitation

6. Any other request/task

The first meeting hosted two participants for organization EU Countries and 1 participant for each organization region 11.

The duration of Kick off meeting was 5 days.